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Twilight of the Republic Champion Coin Locations

30/08/2015 12:49 PMdark52

To kick off a new set of guides for Disney Infinity 3.0 I present to you the locations of each of the eleven Champion Coins in the Twilight of the Republic Play Set, just click on the image below to see them. Champion Coins are similar in function to the Crossover Coins from 2.0 and are required to play as the other Star Wars characters - the only difference being that you only need one coin to play as a specific character.


Champion Coin Locations Guide


Further guides detailing the locations of the Play Set's other collectibles, the 100 Mynocks and 15 Holocrons, will follow soon.

Disney Infinity Reviews: 3.0 Edition

28/08/2015 12:05 PMdark52

Disney Infinity 3.0 releases today in Europe so the internet is suddenly full to the brim with reviews. I've read through all that I could find and have compiled the annual review round-up. Spoilers: it's a lot more positive this year!

Quote: Digital Trends - 4.5/5

Infinity 3.0 feels like a surprisingly fresh experience in both play modes – playsets and Toy Box – thanks to some major changes in the way characters are controlled, the scope of the sandbox environments, and the creative options (and guidance) available in the world-building activities.

Quote: Gamer Revolution - 4.5/5

Disney Infinity 3.0 is the best of the series yet, with the excellent Twilight of the Republic starter set, and the general polish of the game overall is extremely refined with gameplay feeling much more responsive.

Quote: Venture Beat - 90

While the space combat was pretty simple, I still found it enjoyable and good for breaking up long stretches of running around on the ground. These space sections provided a little more variety and kept me playing for longer stretches than I did with the Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Play Sets.

Quote: IGN - 8.9

It might not reach the level of cinematic authenticity the upcoming Battlefront is targeting, but as far as story-based adventures go Twilight of the Republic offers up one of the most entertaining Star Wars videogame experiences in years.

Quote: Gaming Nexus - 8.8

Whether you are collecting sparks to be spent in the in-game store, unlock special gifts and set pieces for use in construction, or become well versed in what you can and can’t do within the confines of the game’s creation system, fun is had at all times. Its fun and engaging, in a manner that is not usually found within content creation software.

Quote: Destructoid - 8.5

What makes Disney Infinity so great is that Disney curates content for you in addition to all of the usual fixins, and provides easy access to top-rated creations -- so it takes very little effort to find the "good stuff." I had access to a limited amount of levels pre-launch, which includes a Gravity Falls level with a log ride and roller coaster, as well as a rhythm memorization minigame, a seek-and-find puzzle, a stealth sequence, and of course, classic platforming levels.

Quote: Game Informer - 8.5

The surprising star of Disney Infinity 3.0 is Toy Box Takeover, a separately sold adventure that unites the Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel universes in a crazy adventure in which the strangest conflicts can arise – such as Minnie Mouse throwing explosive purses at stormtroopers.

Quote: EGM - 8.5

Creation in the Toy Box is more intuitive than ever, allowing would-be designers to put levels together quickly and spend the bulk of their time polishing and perfecting them. You still must spend a lot of time unlocking everything.

Quote: Kotaku - Yes

Where melee strikes used to lack any sense of grace or weight, lightsaber combat is probably the highlight of the whole experience now, with a ton of cool moves available and a good sense of heft and timing to everything.

Quote: GameSpot - 8

In previous Infinity titles, the sheer amount of "possibility" often left me paralysed with indecision, but 3.0 takes some of the user-friendly additions introduced in the previous game and amplifies them, making for a Toy Box experience that is easier to get into than ever.

Quote: Forbes - 8

It’s an experience with considerable polish that will introduce many young players to Star Wars franchise for the first time. Equally it will re-connect many parents who remember the original trilogy to the more recent joys of Rebels, Clone Wars and Episodes I, II and III.

Quote: Trusted Reviews - 8

The biggest and best Disney Infinity yet, with more activities to get you started in the Toybox mode, and stronger playset campaigns when you just want to play a game.

Quote: Worth Playing - 8

Disney Infinity 3.0 is a solid update to last year's edition, and fans will have a lot to like. It seems more focused on addressing complaints and shoring up weak points than it does in reinventing the wheel.

Quote: God is a Geek - 8

Even more in-depth than last time, the 3.0 Toy Box is a huge slice of wall-to-wall fun. There are agility challenges, combat challenges, a horde mode arena, air and ground races and an arcade. As before, you can hop into several pre-sets or the hub itself, or you can create your own Toy Box from scratch and share it online.

Quote: GameZone - 8

Even more in-depth than last time, the 3.0 Toy Box is a huge slice of wall-to-wall fun. There are agility challenges, combat challenges, a horde mode arena, air and ground races and an arcade. As before, you can hop into several pre-sets or the hub itself, or you can create your own Toy Box from scratch and share it online.

Quote: Polygon - 8

I'm certain that some aspect of the scene-hopping introduction was to market more things for players to buy, but it's done so well it didn't really bother me. This introduction is also, by far, the best intro the franchise has ever had, pushing players through a number of unique short missions while both training and entertaining them.

Quote: Yahoo - 4/5

Forgoing the mindless button-mashing that left countless Frost Giants face down in last year's version, 3.0's Twilight of the Republic play set favors satisfying, nuanced encounters. Younger gamers can feel like badass Jedi Knights by hammering on attack inputs, but those craving a deeper, layered approach can string together combos, juggles, ground pounds, and dash attacks.

Quote: Shack News - 7

I was slightly disappointed by the combat. Even with the guiding hand of Ninja Theory, the motions still feel stiff and disconnected. Animations don't flow into each other smoothly. You can feel Ninja Theory's influence with some of the combos, but otherwise it's very similar and flawed in the same ways as the previous game.

Quote: Wired - 6

Three years in, we'd have hoped to see something a bit more progressive or imaginative from Disney Infinity, as it matured. As it stands, we have another strong entry with enjoyable character expansions and a spectacular user content creation suite in the form of the Toy Box, but if feels like the series is entering a holding pattern of simply adding new characters each year.

I'll be adding in more reviews as I see them throughout the weekend as Disney Infinity 3.0 launches in North America on Sunday.

D23 Shows Off Star Wars, Marvel, The Good Dinosaur and Zootopia

16/08/2015 8:38 PMdark52

Details were scarce but today at the D23 presentation the name of the Marvel Play Set was revealed, it's called Marvel Battlegrounds and will for the first time feature 4 player simultaneous play in the Play Set. It was given a release date of March 2016. You'll be able to use all of your existing Marvel characters in the Play Set as well as new characters like Ultron and Hulkbuster Iron Man who are releasing in November well ahead of the Play Set itself. Still no actual reveal of Ant-Man.


Three new Disney figures for Disney Infinity 3.0 were unveiled, the first was Spot from the upcoming Pixar film The Good Dinosaur along with a set of matching Power Discs - they will be released in November. The second and third are from the upcoming Disney film Zootopia Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. The release date for that film is March 2016 so we can probably expect the figures around then.



A surprise during the Toy Box Summit earlier in the week saw the attending Toy Box Artists get the chance to choose a new figure to be added to the Infinity series next year (according to John Vignocchi he'll be in 3.0). That choice was revealed today as Peter Pan.



Another little piece of information revealed was that this year the Magic Band unlocks the iconic Partners statue of Walt Disney + Mickey Mouse.


A quick first look at the Star Wars The Force Awakens Play Set happened with a glimpse at figures for Finn and Rey and a quick clip of them in-game but nothing more was really said. One other Star Wars reveal was the existence of new LightCore "Light FX" figures with lightsabers that light up when placed on the Base, they'll be releasing in that November wave. Confirmed characters for that are Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Kanan Jarrus.


Spoilers for the ultimate unlock for collecting all of the Disney Infinity 3.0 figures released this year - it's the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts! And finally, all the attendees received an exclusive costume change Power Disc that changes Mickey's costume to King Mickey - a very limited edition release with only 5000 of them made just for D23 so have fun on eBay!