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Toy Story in Space

28/06/2013 7:37 PMdark52

In the latest video, a making of video called Creating DISNEY INFINITY: Play Sets, Disney have finally outed the Toy Story Play Set for Disney Infinity.

A few brief glimpses including the themed title screen for Toy Story in Space and a shot of Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Rex, Hamm and one of those Aliens is all you really get but it's the first time that the franchise has seen confirmation beyond the figures (it'd be extremely silly if you were doubting that it would exist considering the history of the game). The Toy Story Play Set may not be available at launch as previous numbers given would exclude it but of course things can change, if it is a post launch Play Set it looks likely to be one of the first of those so the wait shouldn't be too excruciating.

They have also recently posted yet another brief glimpse at creating in the Toy Box if you are looking for all the new footage you can muster.

The Achievements for Disney Infinity were also recently revealed by Xbox 360 Achievements, from the looks of things you will definitely be able to get all of them with just the Starter Pack (although perhaps some may be easier with multiple extra Play Sets) but there are a few multiplayer achievements that will require online play - such as being at the top of a stack of four players, something you almost certainly cannot do just in local 2 player co-op.

Disney Infinity Prepares for E3

10/06/2013 3:52 PMdark52

With E3 2013 starting up tomorrow the official Youtube channel for Disney Infinity has posted their E3 trailer.

It shows off a wide array of the varied types of gameplay that you'll be able to take part in and create once the game is released in August, just a couple of months away now.

As for their actual E3 presence they have set up their booth along with things like a life-sized version of the Infinity Base and a Monster Truck Cinderella Coach as well as "toy vending machines that will let guests grab an Infinity character pre-release!". It certainly looks like they're going all out to promote the game.

The Youtube channel has also posted a couple more videos for the two The Lone Ranger characters since the last news post:

The Lone Ranger


The Lone Ranger Play Set Trailer Debut

06/06/2013 7:02 PMdark52

Not the best kept secret in the world but today it has been revealed that The Lone Ranger will be one of the Play Sets that are available at launch in August.

Featuring The Lone Ranger as well as Tonto, both who are included in the Play Set pack, the gameplay shown seems very reminiscent of the Play Set mode that was seen in Disney Infinity's predecessor, the Toy Story 3 game from a few years ago. It appears you'll be riding your horse around town, shooting bad guys (with "ricochet combat" to hit the enemies that are hiding behind cover), and for this Play Set's unique customisation you'll be messing about with your very own train.

You can see some brand new screenshots of the gameplay in the gallery as well as high-res pictures of their toys and artwork.