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Toy Boxes on Parade

22/11/2013 12:39 AMdark52

The winning Thanksgiving Toy Boxes have been announced, shockingly they're all parade related. And thanks to Thanksgiving itself the next Toy Box Challenge is two weeks long and is all about Wreck-it Ralph.

Save The Parade! by MightyGitis
Racing Parade by Wakka59
HappyThanksgiving by jussane17
Mickey's Parade by Mickey.Sorcerer

And don't forget that several new Toy Box characters are due to be released within the week. Everywhere will have the Toy Box Pack of Anna and Elsa from the new movie Frozen, but then there's the all the timed exclusives: Walmart has Rapunzel, Best Buy takes Wreck-it Ralph and Target is where Vanellope is going to be found.

Rube Duckberg

16/11/2013 5:17 PMdark52

Disney have posted the five winning contraptions and announced the next challenge, to build a DuckTales style Toy Box.

Buttons! by SnD.Seventh
Disney Pinball by Fuzzums169
Enemy Destroyer by SergioChileno
3-in-1 Widget by dsmmat
Clockwork by XShadow246

And it's happened, the PC version of the Disney Infinity Toy Box is finally available to download for free from the official website. Handy for building your entries for the challenges if you're away from your console and don't have an iPad.

A True Toy Story

09/11/2013 12:21 AMdark52

The winners for the Toy Story themed challenge have been added to Disney Infinity. The new challenge issued is all about that most world wide of holidays, Thanksgiving.

The BIG Room by Enrem
Capture Zurg! by crazybynick
Woody's Roundup by Joe D
Saving Mr. Rex by Infinite Mickey
The City Dump by TruePumpkinKing

Disney have revealed very positive news about the financial success of Disney Infinity so it's safe to say that the franchise is going to have some longevity.

Movie Magic

01/11/2013 1:07 AMdark52

The movie themed challenge winning entries have been revealed and the next challenge issued, over the next week you've been tasked to build your own crazy contraption.

The winners for the Movies Challenge were:

100 Acre Wood by dsmmat
Tangled Hunt by MightyGitis
Fantasia by CarnivalofAnimals
Swiss Family by Father911
The Pride Lands by BlueSpideyDude

And since I missed last week here are the Halloween winners:

Jack in the Box by DGor0407
Trick Or Treat by BlueSpideyDude
Halloween Manor by dsmmat
I Love Halloween by SergioChileno
The Haunted Tomb by XShadow246

Disney themselves have also added a Halloweentown Toy Box for you to play around in. Happy Halloween!