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Racetrack Winners

26/09/2013 8:10 PMdark52

The winners of the first Toy Box Challenge have appeared on the in-game Toy Box Share where you can download and have a look around each of the five winning racetracks for yourself.

They've also announced the theme for the next challenge, it's to build your very own Royal Empire. Remember that you've only got one week to get it done so don't delay!

The winners of this week's challenge were:

MonsterTruckFun by Princess Blinks has you racing around a stadium with Monster Truck tyres. Super Fun Track by Kingjamex1280 is a track with weapons along the path as well as some obstacles to avoid. E.A. Sea Race by Raven0207 is an underwater themed race. Aladdin's Race by zer0tobackdown races around and through an Aladdin style palace. And Western Race by Joshua G is a Western themed track.

An Extreme Challenge

19/09/2013 1:19 PMdark52

A new challenge has been issued, Disney wants your Extreme Sports Toy Boxes!

This week marks the last set of Disney created Toy Boxes as from next week the featured Toy Boxes will be the community built challenge winners. So next week will be the winners of the Racetrack Challenge and the week after that the winners of the Extreme Sports Challenge. The final five Disney Toy Boxes are:

Monster Rally, a side-on stunt driving track. It's a Trap! a short puzzle challenge where you must move through several rooms while carefully avoiding the hidden traps. Cosmic Platfomer is an obstacle course with a race track in the middle. Sugar Mania is a Sugar Rush themed racetrack. And Tron Highway is massive Tron inspired track with stops for platforming and fighting.

The Infinity Guru walkthrough for the Cars Play Set has been posted with the Chest and Challenge locations to follow soon.

The Toy Box App Launches

18/09/2013 7:40 PMdark52

Just one month after the console game was unleashed the iPad app Disney Infinity: Toy Box has finally been released. It's free but that's only going to last until the 15th of October so don't hang around.

In the app, which only works with the iPad and iPad mini, you can design and build your Toy Box with all the items and objects you've unlocked within the console game (once you login to your Disney account).

And it's just in time for the Racetrack Toy Box Challenge that's currently going on, don't forget to submit your entry!

The app also sneakily includes pictures of some new Infinite Crystal versions of a few characters like Sulley, the Lone Ranger, Jack Sparrow, and Mr. Incredible. Sulley and Mr. Incredible are due for release on the 11th of October at Toys R Us and on November 1st there will also be an Infinite Crystal version of Buzz Lightyear in a double pack called "Race to Space" with Lightning McQueen and two Power Discs.

The Infinity Guru walkthrough for the Lone Ranger is now up and on its way later on today should be the start of the guide for the Cars Play Set. After that's up and finished I'll be going back through the Play Sets to create guides to help find all of the Green and Red Capsules that are in each world.

The Toy Box Challenge

12/09/2013 6:43 PMdark52

This week marks the start of the User-Generated Content contests with the first being a challenge to build a themed racetrack. Winning entries will be posted on the official website and be made available for everyone to download through the game. There's only one week to enter so get cracking!

To help kick things off Disney have released this week's Toy Box Thursday with five brand new Toy Boxes to explore including two race tracks to inspire you.

First up you have Classic Cruise, a race track that features the Autopia car and is apparently based on the Autopia attraction from Disneyland. The track's quite long and there's a lot of scenery to look at.

Then there's a Spooky Castle Race which is another race track this time through a spooky castle of all things. The track's got some swinging obstacles to avoid and a bottomless pit to fall into.#

Lava Puzzler has you pushing blocks around to try to reach the other end of the course with plenty of opportunity to fall into the burning lava.

8 in 1 Arena shows off the power of the Toy Box, press each of the eight buttons to make a different fighting arena appear below.

And 3 Little Houses is full of destruction, you'll huff and you'll puff and then you'll use the cannons, catapults and the TNT to blow up the three houses instead.

The Infinity Guru walkthrough for the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set is now live, use it to help fight and sail your way through the Caribbean and to find all those pesky chests and challenges. Later on today will see the first part of the Lone Ranger guide uploaded.

Toy Box Thursday

05/09/2013 6:53 PMdark52

Every week Disney will be putting up a brand new set of Disney Infinity Toy Boxes and this week's selection features a few obstacle courses as well as a few environments just to mess around in.

Blue Breakout features a tightly enclosed obstacle course, Jungle Cruise is based on the Disney attraction of the same name, Trench Run sees you flying through a canyon avoiding turret fire, Toy Columbia is a large world inspired by the similarly named Bioshock Infinite complete with Sky-Lines, and Sky Gauntlet is a much more open obstacle course but that just means you've got further to fall.

 To check them out for yourself simply select the "Toy Box" option at the main menu, then "Toy Box Share", and finally "Disney's Toy Boxes". You then Download and Play Content whichever of the Toy Boxes you want to have a go in.

It'll Be Frozen in November

04/09/2013 12:50 AMdark52

Potential release dates for the next set of toys and the second exclusive Toys R Us Power Disc announced.

The official Disney Store has posted several listings for new Disney Infinity items including the Toy Story Play Set and the Frozen Toy Box Pack. It gives a date of the 22nd of October for Toy Story and the 26th of November for the Frozen duo (that's the day before the film comes out). So with Woody and Jack Skellington coming out at the start of October it won't be too much of a wait to get even more out of the game.

Toys R Us have also announced the second in their set of exclusive Power Discs will be the Tron "User Control" Power Disc. The disc boosts your experience gain (sparks) by a small amount and will be released this Saturday, the 7th, to coincide with their in-store disc trading event.

And the first pass of the Infinity Guru Monsters University Walkthrough is up and ready for use.