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Randy Joins Disney Infinity

24/04/2013 12:12 AMdark52

Several US retailers such as GameStop, Walmart and Toys R Us have now posted a new character to add to the launch roster for Disney Infinity this August. Randall "Randy" Boggs is a character from the Monsters University Play Set and will be sold individually as well as in a "Villains" triple pack along with Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean and Syndrome from The Incredibles.

Several listings on Amazon.co.uk have also given more detail to the upcoming range of accessories that will be released alongside the game's launch. Full details can be found after the break.

Disney Infinity Reader Hard Case (£9.99)

  • Durable plastic protective case for your Infinity reader
  • Allows access to all bases and offers play-through protection
  • Includes multiple colourful inserts for character customisation

Disney Infinity Power Disk Capsule (£9.99)

  • Portable protection and storage solution for your Infinity Power Disks
  • Holds up to 22 disks
  • Slide tray allows easy access and keeps Power Disks organised
  • Includes Hex and Circle double stackers
  • 6 random colours

Disney Infinity Power Disk Album - Holds 20 (£9.99)

  • Book style storage solution
  • Space for up to 20 Power Discs
  • Each slot is designed for each specific disc from Series 1

Disney Infinity Modular Display Case 3-Pack (£19.99)

  • Stunning display cases for all of your Disney Infinity figures
  • Features transparent ABS materials with interlocking base
  • Rubbery base holds and protects your figures
  • Side plugs lock modules together
  • Modular system allows multiple stack and display options
  • Protects figures from dust and scratches
  • Includes 3 modules complete with lids

Disney Infinity Messenger Bag (£39.99)

  • Protect, store and comfortably transport all of your Infinity components
  • Features fold-out play mat for action on the go
  • Ample storage space for your Base, Figures, Playsets, Power Disks and Web Cards

Disney Infinity Stadium - 2 Stackers and Neoprene Mat (£19.99)

  • Great value pack containing 2 display stackers plus neoprene mat
  • Protects Infinity base and figures
  • Perfect stack, store and display solution
  • Includes discreet cable management
  • Features top slide-in slot for Infinity Base

3DS Disney Infinity: Toy Box Challenge

23/04/2013 2:13 AMdark52

The ESRB have posted a rating summary for a Disney Infinity game on the Nintendo 3DS.

Quote: ESRB

This is a multiplayer “party game” in which players move Disney/Pixar characters around various game boards to compete in mini-game challenges. Mini-games include solving puzzles, racing, fighting, and collecting various items. Several mini-games depict characters shooting “cartoony” pistols, blasters, or cannonballs at ships or enemies/boss characters (e.g., droids, giant squid, pirates). A handful of mini-games require players to shoot other characters with projectiles, resulting in cries of pain and/or “dizzy-star” effects. One mini-game depicts a one-on-one battle with swords on a pirate ship.

Source: Nintendo Everything

Toy Box Hero Spotlight

13/04/2013 11:17 PMdark52

Another grand showing off of the Toy Box mode in video form, with a video title of "Toy Box Heroes" they've set a focus on displaying the many different characters and franchises that are set to appear in Disney Infinity.

And this time they've even provided some new screenshots too, check them out in the Screenshots Gallery. There's even more film and TV franchises on display there for you to spot.


Creating Infinity

04/04/2013 9:26 PMdark52

And now time for another official introduction to Disney Infinity, this one comes with new footage of playable characters like Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Wreck-it Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, Ferb, Perry and even a glimpse of a Randall toy.

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