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The Incredibles Play Set takes place in Metroville, in a scenario that is based off an alternate ending for the film where Syndrome unleashes yet more chaos on the city.

 The Play Set is designed to make you feel powerful, to feel like the characters are doing what only a superhero could do. Each of the playable characters has their own very particular set of skills, from Mr. Incredible's super strength to Dash's super speed, all of the different abilities will serve you well in combat.

Characters from the film that will help you and give you missions include Edna Mode, Rick Dicker and Mirage. They will help in your fight against Syndrome and his Omnidroid army.

The unique customisation that is featured in this Play Set is that of your Superhero Headquarters, you will be able to customise the various buildings to your liking and then play with them. The items that are unlocked by playing through the campaign include Mr Incredible's car from the film, a hover board, a glider, and a helicopter.

The playable characters are:

Mr. Incredible

Mrs. Incredible




All five of these characters were available at launch, with Mr. Incredible in the Starter Pack.