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Cars Walkthrough

To start the Cars Play Set simply place your Cars Play Set piece from the Play Set pack onto the Infinity Base in the hexagonal slot. Select the "Cars" option and then "New Game". You must keep the Play Set piece on the Infinity Base in order to play in this Play Set.

Remember that Play Sets are "true to property" which means you can only use characters from the same franchise. So that's just Lightning McQueen, Holley, Mater, and Francesco that you can use here. So you will need to have two of those characters (even two of the same character works) to play co-op.

Find Luigi

"Meet with Luigi at Flo's Cafe."

A nice and simple start to the Play Set, drive forwards over the desert towards the town and you'll find Luigi on the crossroads by Flo's Cafe.

Calibrate GPS

"Calibrate your GPS Compass by locatin the green markers placed around Radiator Springs."

Luigi will tell you all about the compass, the green arrows will point you in the direction of the nearest objective. For this mission you're just driving through some markers, the first one is up ahead by the Courthouse, it's a green floating ball. Head to the left after that and find the second one just out in the field. Left again back towards the town and past it to Tow Mater yard, it's just inside. The last one is to the right side of town near the rock underpass.

With that complete you're able to start any of the missions around town that you can see, the beam of blue light shining down on the mission givers should help you find them but you can also use the compass for the "Find Active Mission Givers" option in the missions menu.

Smash and Bash

"Smash the hay bales at the farm."

There's a tan coloured sedan to the right of the Courthouse with this mission. Your task is to go over to the farm and smash a load of hay bales, easy. The farm's over to the left hand side of town, just go over or through the fence and drive into the hay bales to smash them. There's plenty around so 15 shouldn't be an issue (there are red capsules inside some of them so if you're looking to collect them all then get smashing!).

Stunt Practice

"Test your stunt skills. Perform a Front Flip, Back Flip, Barrel Roll, and Side Spin."

After smashing the bales return to the sedan by the Courthouse to get this next mission. No need to go anywhere to do the required stunts you just sit still, jump and press in the direction to do the stunt that the game wants. First it's a side spin which is to the left, then a barrel roll to the right, a front flip forwards and a back flip backwards. If you're having trouble landing then try to perform the stunt at the same time as pressing the jump button and only quickly pressing the direction rather than holding it as otherwise you'll try to perform a second roll/flip and not succeed.

Perform Tricks

"Perform the tricks the tourist car wants you to try."

This sedan tourist sure is demanding. Straight on facing behind the tourist is a ramp up towards the RS sign, if you jump off to the right you should have enough height to perform a double trick without crashing. Once you manage it circle back around and go for the next one. First is a double front flip, make sure to hold forwards just long enough to start the second flip and then let go before it tries to do a third. Next it wants a double barrel roll to the right and finally a double back flip. Again try to do the trick as early as you can and to jump from as high a point as you can to get enough time in the air.

Jump at Flo's

"Lower the ramps and perform a jump at Flo's."

Flo is out the front of her Cafe waiting for you. Drive into the green button at the front of the Cafe to press it, that should transform the roof into a set of ramps. Drive a distance away to the side and then race up one of the ramps to jump over the gap and down the other side. No need to do a trick or to even press the jump button really.

Bales of Fire

"Destroy those hay bales to stop the fire in its tracks."

Flo's got another mission after that, head to the farm and drive into the flaming bales of hay that are up near the barn. There's seven of them in a circle around the barn, smash them to complete the mission.

Rescue Ramone

"Ramone's missing. Locate him to put Flo's mind at ease."

Another mission from Flo, head north out of the town past the farm to the rock bridge just beyond it. Ramone's sitting up there waiting.

Tow Ramone

"Ramone is out of gas! Tow him to Flo's for a fill-up."

Talk to Ramone out on that ridge to start the mission, to tow him just get close enough that the Tow button appears above him. Press it and then he'll become attached behind you, simply drive on over to Flo's Cafe to drop him off. That'll also unlock the "Toy Chain Level 2" toy in the Toy Store, you'll need to spend 750 Coins to actually make use of it though.

Double Tow Chain

"Visit the Toy Store and purchase a second Tow Chain."

There's a tourist to the south of Radiator Springs that wants you to buy your newly unlocked Toy Chain Level 2, there's nothing to it other than spending the 750 Coins required and then opening the package that gets delivered next to the Courthouse. If you can't afford it due to buying other items then just do some other missions around the area or try some of the challenges. Once you've picked it up you'll also unlock "Tow Chain Level 3" in the store.

Triple Tow Chain

"Visit the Toy Store and purchase a third Tow Chain."

He's back and after you to buy the next "Tow Chain Level 3".

Go Fourth

"Visit the Toy Store and purchase a fourth Tow Chain."

The last of the Tow Chain upgrades is your target purchase, it'll cost you 1000 Coins and let you pull around four cars if you want to do that for some reason.

Misplaced Paint

"Find Ramone's paint cans!"

Ramone hangs out just north of Flo's Cafe, talk to him to start his next mission. The paint cans you're looking for are north between the rocks on the east side of town. The first one is between the broken up ramp made up of large rocks, there's another at the bottom of the ramp to the RS sign, the rest are now along a dirt race track headed north starting in the north-east cave. Follow the track along grabbing the paint cans as you see them.

For the ones on the edges of the ramps to the side you might find it easier to stop and drive right at it rather than to carry on straight down the track trying to hit it. The last one is over a jump that you need a bit of a run up to make, you can just go around and up the other side if you do fall and miss it. That unlocks "Ramone's House of Body Art" as well as "Turbo Level 1".

Purchase Turbo

"Purchase a turbo upgrade from the store."

Luigi has another mission to telepathically give you once you've found Ramone's cans. He wants you to go into the Toy Story menu and buy the Turbo Level 1 toy that you just unlocked. It'll cost you 750 Coins but is a great help when racing. Pick it up over on the little platform next to the Courthouse.

Drifting Drill

"To drift, press (R2) + (L2) + move (Left Analog) while driving."

Luigi over in the field has a mission to teach you how to use your new turbo. To drift and build up the turbo you press the accelerate and reverse buttons at the same time while turning, this causes you to drift which changes the way you turn and builds up the turbo meter. Once one or both of the bars at the bottom of the screen below your character have filled up yellow you can boost, flick the camera control forwards while driving on the ground (it's the same action as doing a front flip so it won't boost if you're in the air it'll flip). The markings on the ground are just for show and you don't actually need to follow them.

Find Guido!

"Where has Guido gone to now? Please find him."

You can find Luigi again by the Casa Della Tires, he wants you to find someone else though. Guido is off hiding on a rock behind the Courthouse, get close to him to finish this quick mission.

Find Luigi's Crates

"Find the Dinoco crates scattered around the edges of Radiator Springs and tow them back to Luigi."

Luigi's still at his place so return and get another mission from him. Go east up the ramp onto the rocky overhang where the first of the crates is, tow it back to Luigi's. The second one is up there too, just go straight up the curved wall at the top to reach it. Go back there and head south along the path to the third one. Returning them all unlocks "Fillmore's Organic Fuels".

Follow Guido's Balloons

"Follow Guido's balloons to find the Willy's Butte Race Track and Stunt Park!"

Head north-east out of town and follow the red balloons through the tunnel smashing through them as you go. The last one will be just before the Stunt Park.

Track Trash Takedown

"Take a practice lap and clear the track of some of the shipping crates."

Find Luigi in the Stunt Park to begin another mission. This is just a single lap of the course, smashing the crates just gets you a few coins and sparks but isn't required to actually finish the mission. Follow the track around keeping an eye out for all the different paths and shortcuts you can see to get a feel for the course. Speed doesn't really matter here as it's just you with no time limit or competitors. If you are trying to get all the crates you'll quickly realise that the game will reset your position if you try to go the wrong way and that it's probably not worth it to try and get any more than you just get naturally.

Luigi's Race Track

"Defeat "The King" in a race on Luigi's Track."

The little grey truck next to Luigi in the Stunt Park will begin this one. Time to give the course a good go as this time you've got competition, not just The King though, you've got Pace Car and Chick Hicks to beat. While you don't actually need to come first you will need to make sure you're not last. Remember to start the race off by pumping the accelerator to get a speedy boost from the off, drift round corners, use your boosts, collect the floating blue gas cans, and make sure to not hit those solid blue barriers too much. Finishing the race in the top three will unlock the "Cozy Cone Motel", if you fail to finish in the top three then you can just repeat the mission by talking to the truck again.

Stunted Growth

"Perform enough stunts to earn at least 5000 points, but don't let time run out!"

Immediately after speaking with the grey truck next to Luigi you get a timer so race off towards the nearby half pipe and start going back and forth pulling stunts. A single stunt is worth just 200 points so if you want to get to 5000 you're going to need to perform at least double stunts, two of the same stunt is worth 1x400 points which is just 400 points while two different stunts together is worth 2x400 points which is actually 800 points, you won't need many of those to make the target. Use your boost to get higher off the ramps and perform even more consecutive stunts before landing to score even higher.

After hitting the required 5000 points the rest of the Stunt Park will open.

Ring Round Up

"Collect the Rings."

He's got another immediate mission, you've got 3 minutes to get through all of the rings dotted around the Stunt Park so quickly get moving down the ramp and into the rest of the park. There's not much special that needs to be done to get any of them, there's a couple that require driving up the ramps to reach the higher layer of the park but that's about it and there are actually more than 15 around. Beating this unlocks the "Super Pipe" for the Stunt Park.

Balloon Poppin'

"Pop Guido's balloons."

Luigi wants you to pop the balloons that Guido has put up in the wrong place. This just requires you to jump up the nearby halfpipes and over the ramp in the middle of them.

Race Reversal

"Compete in a race on the reverse version of Luigi's track."

Luigi now wants you to race his track backwards, not literally driving in reverse but just going the other way round it. As usual finish in the top three to finish the mission.

Double Tricks

"Perform a series of Double Tricks for the tourist car."

The grey truck down in the main part of the Stunt Park wants you to do some combo tricks, that means two different tricks in the same jump. First it wants you to do a front flip (forward) with a spin (left). Get a suitable fast speed and go up a ramp or halfpipe and quickly press in both directions one after the other, if you land it you'll get credit and move onto the next trick combo which is spin (left) and a roll (right). The last one is a front flip (forwards) with a back flip (backwards). If you find yourself going too slow then make sure to use the boosts.

Double Combos

"Perform a series of Double Combos for the tourist car."

The tan sedan in the Stunt Park now wants a load of double stunts too but the theme here is an initial spin. First up is your basic double spin (left) then it's a harder spin and front flip (forwards) before a spin and a back flip (backwards) and then finally a spin and a roll (right). Remember to boost if you're not getting enough height. That's the "Super Ramp" unlocked.

Purchase Super Ramp

"Visit the Toy Store and purchase the Super Ramp."

Buy the Super Ramp toy you just unlocked.

Triple Combos

"Perform a series of Triple Combos for the tourist car."

The grey car in the Stunt Park wants you to do a triple combo for him. A front flip followed by a back flip follow by another front flip. As you just bought the Super Ramp that's a good place to go to try and do this. Get to the very top with a boost ready and then aim along the left side to get onto the little ramp that pops up, quickly race down the ramp and jump off the end performing the forwards, back, forwards triple combo. If you don't quite make it then drive back up and try again until you do, while there is plenty of time you do have to perform three different triple combos so if you keep missing then just take this first go through as a practice run. Remember that you should pull the trick as soon as you can rather than to wait for the car to do the animation.

The second triple combo wanted is a barrel roll (right), front flip (forwards) and a spin (left). Again get back up to the top of the Super Ramp to give it a go. Then it's a spin (left), barrel roll (right), spin (left). Finishing this mission unlocks the "Stunt Clover Pool".

Purchase Super Pipe

"Visit the Toy Store and purchase the Super Pipe."

Buy that Super Pipe you unlocked when going through the rings.

Learn to Grind

"Drift along special edges to perform a grind. You'll gain energy for the turbo meter."

The same grey truck in the Stunt Park will teach you to grind. Head up to the upper layer of the Stunt Park section just behind the truck, to do that drive up the ramp and instead of jumping just hold forwards. Turn to the left and you'll see some balloons on a rail, drive forwards, jump and then drift when you're just above the rail, you should then grind along the rail smashing through the balloons.

Purchase Clover Pool

"Visit the Toy Store and purchase the Clover Pool."

Spend the 1000 Coins needed to buy the Clover Pool from the Toy Store.

New Paint Job

"Buy Ramone's House of Body Art, then use it to give a tourist car a new paint job."

Returning to Ramone gets you this mission, buy Ramone's House of Body Art from the Toy Store for 750 Coins, place it in one of the five opens spots (the top right corner near where Ramone is is where it is in the movies) and then go out and find a tourist car, you've got some little yellow arrows pointing to several but also a large green one pointing to the nearest. Wait for the building to get built and then tow the tourist car back to it and throw it into the front door.

To change the paint on a car you select the regular "Customize Body" option and you should then be able to press up and down to change its colour. You may have picked up some red capsules and unlocked some extra ways to customise a car but the only one you need to do here is change its paint colour. Apply it and then exit to finish.

Catch a Speeder

"Go catch a speeder and tow them back to Mater's Impound."

Back to Flo again at her Cafe. There are several cars speeding about Radiator Springs, you'll recognise them by their speed and the orange sparks coming off them. Race up next to them and hit the Tow button, then take them south out of town towards Mater's yard. Drive into the arrow to complete the mission and unlock "Sarge's Surplus Hut".

You can keep catching Speeders around town and bringing them back to Mater's for a small reward.

Buy Sarge's Hut

"Go to the Toy Store and buy Sarge's Hut."

Time to buy that new building for Flo, it costs 500 Coins. The closest to movie accurate position would be next to Flo's.

Postal Problem

"Find Flo's Mailbox in a red capsule and place it on the indicated spot near the cafe."

Flo's wanting her mailbox back, to find it follow the compass north out of town and up into the hills behind the RS sign, the capsule you're looking for is right near the top point of the dirt track just off the side. Return to Flo's Cafe and behind it you'll find the spot where the wants you to place "Flo's Mailbox".

In a Jam

"Clear the traffic jam at the intersection near Flo's V8 Cafe."

Flo now wants you to smash into the cars at the intersection nearby, simple. All you need is a little bit of speed to knock the cars flying. And that unlocks "Radiator Springs Curios".

Spy Training

"Perform the advanced spy maneuvers Finn describes."

Once Sarge's Surplus Hut has been built you'll be able to get this mission from Finn outside it. The missing itself is quite basic, jump, reverse direction, and a side-swipe (a quick left or right stunt when on the ground). That'll unlock the "Missiles Challenge" toy.

Tractor Tipping

"Tip the tractors with sunder surprise. If all else fails, try honking!"

Another mission from Finn McMissile. Head out to the fields out west of the town and approach a Tractor, honk your horn (primary attack button) to tip it over. No need to actually be sneaky, just approach the tractors and honk. Another new toy is unlocked, the "Machine Gun Challenge".

Purchase Missile Challenge

"Visit the Toy Store and purchase the Missile Challenge."

A grey car out to the east of the town has a secret mission, buy the Missile Challenge toy you unlocked from Finn. What this actually does is open up some character specific challenges. Buying this also unlocks the "Impact Mine Challenge" toy in the store.

Purchase Machine Gun Challenge

"Visit the Toy Store and purchase the Machine Gun Challenge."

The same grey car out on the dirt road to the east of town has another purchasing mission for you. If you're wondering where the challenge that unlocks is then it's directly to the south of the town.

Purchase Impact Mine Challenge

"Visit the Toy Store and purchase the Impact Mine Challenge."

Surprise, surprise, the grey car wants you to buy that other spy toy. The challenge that it unlocks is up on the road to the east of the town.

Meet Chick at the Barn

"Meet Chick at the barn for a race."

Chick's currently hanging out near Mater's, go over and talk to him. Now go over and talk to him near the farm.

Take a Practice Lap

"Take a practice lap around Radiator Springs to prepare for a race against Chick Hicks."

You get a single lap to take a look at the course and work out where you'll need to drift around the corners and where you'll need to jump. There's not much to it really, just a quick circular course except for a bit of turning through the town itself, there's no time limit or anyone to race against so take your time.

Chick's Challenge

"Beat Chick Hicks in a race around Radiator Springs."

Now for the real thing, a three lap race against just Chick Hicks. Keep on boosting and drifting around the corners to keep ahead of him as you have to win to complete the mission.

Clear the Race Track

"Clear the debris from the cave to prepare for a cave race."

A little grey truck near Mater's. Head west out of town past the fields and onto the short dirt race track, drive along it smashing through the crates. There's just ten boxes and none of them are tricky to find.

Find a Friend to Race

"Locate the blue and yellow Pace Car near the caves to see if he's ready to race."

The same grey truck now wants you to find Pace Car near the track you just cleared. You'll find him at the south end of the track.

Cave Race

"Compete in a cave race with the Pace Car."

Pace Car does indeed want a race, the track is just a basic loop without anything of note. Just keep drifting on the corners and using your boost whenever you can. It's only two laps and a short track so it shouldn't take long. That'll open up the challenge for the cave track.

Main Street Maker

"Add new decorations to a few Radiator Springs buildings."

The grey truck on the west side of town has this customisation mission for you. Simply approach a building and press the "Customize Building" button that appears. All you need to do is change one bit, the wall, the trim or the accent.

Jump into the Barn

"Raise the ramp and use it to jump into the loft of the barn."

Over by the barn there's another little grey car who has a mission for you. Bump into the green button at the base of the grain silo next to the barn to cause a ramp to appear at the front. Race up it and into the top of the barn to complete the mission.

Little Bo Beep

"Tow the tractors back to the barn."

There are plenty of tractors around and you can bring in any three you like, just go over to one and tow it back to the barn before throwing into the middle area. You just need three of them to finish the mission.

Purchase new Turbo Upgrade

"Visit the Toy Store and purchase the new Turbo Upgrade."

The grey car to the south of the town wants you to buy another turbo upgrade. And that again picking it up will unlock the next toy "Full Turbo".

Purchase the Maximum Turbo Upgrade

"Visit the Toy Store and purchase the Maximum Turbo Upgrade."

This one'll cost ya 1000 Coins and will add a fourth turbo bar.

Corny Concoction

"Find the corn and take them to Fillmore's."

Build Fillmore's Organic Fuels to get this mission from Fillmore. Head east out of Radiator Springs to find the first piece of corn on a small ridge, tow it back to Fillmore to drop it off. The second one is over by the farm near the south entrance. And the third one is north-east out of town on a rock.

Tricky, Tricky

"Do enough stunt tricks to score 3000 points before time runs out."

Fillmore's got a mission for you, with the arrival of Carla Veloso he wants you to do some tricks around town to impress her. Turning the buildings into ramps might help but if you're struggling then remember that you can perform a stunt while standing still, 3000 isn't all that much so even at just 200 a go you'll quickly reach it. That unlocks the "Full Pipe".

Gourd Gatherer

"Find some pumpkins for Fillmore."

Fillmore wants pumpkins this time, head south of Radiator Springs to a ramp with a pumpkin on it, bring it back to Fillmore's. The second one is in the fields to the west and the third is on a ridge south of that. The free fuel at Fillmore's is now a bit more powerful as it will now completely fill up a bar.

Tractor Rescue

"Tow the tractors to the barn to protect them from the storm."

A storm's rolling in, Fillmore wants you to go rescue the Tractors so head west to the fields and tow five of them to the barn at the north end.

Storm Damage

"Repair the storm-damaged buildings."

Now that the storm has passed Ramone wants some help fixing up the buildings. The four that have been damaged are Luigi's across the street, the Courthouse to the north, Flo's Cafe next door and Mater's to the south. Approach the building and press the Repair Building button.

Stanley's Travels

"Locate the missing Stanley statue and tow it back to town."

Finn McMissile has a mission for you after the storm, you can find Stanley's statue on the ridge behind the Courthouse, simply tow it back to the plinth in front of the Courthouse to finish the mission.

Wrong Turn

"Find and rescue the tourist cars stranded in strange places around Radiator Springs."

Finn now wants you to go rescue some cars. The first is south on the ramp at the end of the town, you'll need to keep to the left at the top to reach it. Just tow it off the edge. The second is on a ledge next to the fields by the start of the cave track. Third one is on the edge of a jump north of the barn, a fourth is on the line of rocks next to the path towards the Stunt Park, and the last one is on a ledge above that.

Paint the Town

"Customize three buildings in Radiator Springs using the Kachow! Wall red capsule."

First find the red capsule for Flo, it's to the north-east of town along the curved dirt track. Once you've got it head back to town and approach a building, press the Customize Building button that appears and switch the Wall for Kachow! Wall. Do that for any three buildings to finish the mission.

Timed Tractor Tip

"Tip the tractors before time runs out."

The grey car next to the barn wants you to speed tip tractors, quickly head into the field and honk your horn at the tractors you see. If you're low on tractors then you can scare the same one several times.

Collector Plates

"Retrieve every license plate from Lizzie's collection."

After building Radiator Springs Curios you can get this mission from Flo. The plates are dotted around the dirt track going around the town, go north and jump up the rocks to start. To get the one in the air in the field you'll need to be going quite fast when you jump, try doing a flip at the same time.

Luigi's New Track

"Compete in a race on Luigi's new, improved track."

Return to Luigi at his race track to try out his brand new track. It's a quick two lap race to get you used to the track. It'll unlock the "Monster Truck Tires" and herald the arrival of Shu Todoroki.

Double Back Dash

"Compete in a race on the reverse version of Luigi's new track."

Again Luigi has a backwards version of his track to show you, it's another quick two lap race so try not to get left behind as there's not much chance to catch up again. And it's Francesco Bernoulli's time to appear (odd if you're using him).

Francesco's Challenge

"Race Francesco on his favorite Radiator Springs course."

Francesco wants to race you around Luigi's new course but with explosive red barrels in the way. Talk to the grey truck next to Luigi to start this.

Purchase Full Pipe

"Visit the Toy Store and purchase the Full Pipe."

The truck down in the Stunt Park would like you to buy the Full Pipe.

Purchase Monster Truck Tires

"Visit the Toy Store and purchase the Monster Truck Tires."

That little grey car to the east of town wants you to buy the Monster Truck Tires you just unlocked.

Monster Mess

"Smash and break the storm damaged trailers."

The grey truck on the west side of Radiator Springs wants you to go smash up a trailer with your Monster Truck Tires. If you don't know how to equip Monster Truck Tires then what you need to do is head to the platform just west of the Courthouse, between it and the farm, and select to switch your tyres. Once you're equipped with the Monster Truck Tyres go into the fields and start smashing the trailers.

Fillmore's Ultimate Fuel

"Round up the peppers and bring 'em back to Fillmore."

Fillmore's onto another new type of fuel, the first pepper is to the south at the top of the ramp just out of town. To get it you need to leap off the ramp and press the tow button in mid-air. The second is similiarly up in the air above the ledge above the path to the Race Track and Stunt Park. And the last one is off a ramp north of the barn.

Impound Go-Round

"Tow the hot rods back to Mater's Impound Lot before they cause any more mischief."

Finn's got another mission again, this time to catch five speeders. They're all over town just look for the orange sparks and the fact that they're going really fast. Take them back to Mater's again. If you can't see any then just drive around town and some cars should zoom off away from you.

Radiator Springs Invitational

"Compete in the Radiator Springs Invitational Race."

Return one last time to Luigi to begin the big race. The course is five laps and encompasses both of Luigi's tracks into one larger race.

Cozy Cone Launch

"Tow the tourist into the Cozy Cone."

After building the Cozy Cone Motel a tourist car on the northern track wants you to take him to the Cozy Cone Motel, just tow him there and then throw him into one of the cones.