Twilight of the Republic

Champion Coins

Required to play as Star Wars characters from a different era these coins are hidden throughout the worlds of the Twilight of the Republic Play Set. Unlike in 2.0 where you needed to collect ten coins to unlock a character in 3.0 you only need to collect one coin to unlock that character.

Here are the locations of them all to help get you playing as each character as quickly as possible.


There are two Champion Coins on Geonosis:

Darth Maul

On a ledge near the launch pads, just outside the droid factory entrance.

Zeb Orrelios

In the tunnel exiting the droid factory.


On Coruscant there are three Champion Coins:

Kanan Jarrus

On a hanging ledge right above the entrance to the temple.

Sabine Wren

On a building awning near the amphitheatre.


Above a doorway in the area of the city near the amphitheatre.

Princess Leia

Inside the temple at the base of a statue next to the challenge marker.

Poe Dameron

Inside the temple in the hallway to the Jedi Council.


Tatooine has seven Champion Coins:


In a small brown tent directly across from the launch pad area.

Ezra Bridger

Next to a Jabba sculpture location in the corner of the town to the left of Jabba's private box.

Han Solo

Behind the gate to Jabba's private box.

Luke Skywalker

On a broken sand skiff in the desert outside the town.

Darth Vader

In the sand people village.

Boba Fett

Next to the Great Pit of Carkoon where the Sarlacc is found.

Kylo Ren

Out by the broken up tube-like structure between Mos Espa and the Sarlacc.


And on Naboo you'll find the last of them.


At the top of the elevator section.