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Twilight of the Republic

Challenge Locations

There are a variety of Challenges scattered throughout the Play Set, here are the locations and types of each of the challenges.


There is just one challenge on Geonosis.

B1 Battle Droid Bash Up

Combat Challenge

In the arena.

The multiplayer only challenge in the arena on Geonosis "Galactic Faceoff" has no star rewards and is not a part of the Feats.

The official website previously listed a challenge called "Geonosis Runaround" but it had no highscores, it has been removed as the challenge does not exist.

Coruscant Space

One challenge in space above Coruscant.

Moon Vulture Trouble

Vehicle Targets

On a space station.

You can more easily find the challenges in space by looking for the launchpad marker on your radar.


Jedi Temple Runaround

Orb Collector

Inside the temple.

Airspeeder Leader

Vehicle Race

On top of the temple.

Coruscant Runaround

Orb Collector

In the lower area of the city, near to the elevator on the left island.

Tatooine Space

Another single one in space above Tatooine.

Tatooine Moon Runaround

Orb Collector

On a lava moon.


There are four challenges on Tatooine.

Tatooine Runaround

Orb Collector

Outside Jabba's Private Box.

Landspeeder Leader

Vehicle Race

On top of a building next to the launch pads.

Tusken Raider Rumble

Combat Challenge

On the arch ridge to the right of Mos Espa.

Podrace Ace

Vehicle Race

By the podracing garage. If it is not there exit and reload the Play Set.

Naboo Space

And one final challenge is in space above Naboo.

Naboo Moon Runaround

Orb Collector

On a space station.


The feats "Complete all challenges with at least a Bronze/Silver/Gold rating" only require the single-player medals, you do not need to earn any of the multiplayer medals to complete these.

Bronze Jedi Padawan Single BX Droid
Silver Jedi Knight Shielded BX Droid
Gold Jedi Master Nikto Thug Bruiser