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Monsters University

Monsters University Challenges

Each Play Set has a series of challenges dotted around the map for you to complete, here are the locations to the challenges in the Monsters University Play Set.

Monsters University Campus

Campus Collector

In front of the Library.

Classroom Run

West of gate to Clock Tower.

Sulley's Campus Collector

In front of the Dorms in MU Campus.

Squeal and Steal

Behind the School of Scaring.

Campus Collector Bike

On the grass south of the Library.

Paintball Arena

Paintball Party

In the paintball arena, left side.

Paintball Panic

In the paintball arena, at the back on the left.

Scream Tunnel Collector

In the paintball arena, at the back on the right.

Paintball Press

In the paintball arena, on the right.

Fear Tech

Fear Tech Cyclist

To the east of the Fear Tech fountain.

Fear Tech Collector

Next to the TPed statue north of the Scream Tunnels.

Randy's Rampage

In the alley next to the Dorms in Fear Tech.

Frat Row

Mike's Mayhem

On the corner at the entrance to Frat Row.

Timed Swine

On the drive of the blue OH House next to the entrance to Frat Row.

Frat Row Round-Up

In front of EKO House.

Paint the Frat Collector

In front of ROR House.

Paintball Ruckus

Next to JOX House.

Wild Wheels

In front of PNK House.

Wheels and Thrills

In front of HSS House.

Round the Row

At the back of ROR House.

Bike Hop and Pop

On the near corner of the Dual Pool.

Crazy Frat Stunts

At the back of the Dual Pool.

Frat Row Racer

On the drive next to OK House.