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The Lone Ranger Walkthrough

To start the Lone Ranger Play Set simply place your Lone Ranger Play Set piece from the Play Set pack onto the Infinity Base in the hexagonal slot. Select the "Lone Ranger" option and then "New Game". You must keep the Play Set piece on the Infinity Base in order to play in this Play Set.

Remember that Play Sets are "true to property" which means you can only use characters from the same franchise. So that's just the Lone Ranger and Tonto that you can use here. So you will need to have two of those characters (even two of the same character works) to play co-op.

Savin' Colby

"Chase Butch Cavendish and his villainous gang out of Colby."

Time to kick off the Lone Ranger Play Set with a shootout in Colby. Advance forwards through the town firing at the members of Butch Cavendish's gang that are marked by the floating red and white arrows. They're not brilliant shots so you should be able to just wander down the street without bothering to take cover or anything.

Soakin' the Saloon

"Put out the fire by releasing a flood of water from the tower atop the Saloon."

You don't actually want to get on top of the saloon, instead stand a little way back from the front door, around about in front of the General store next door, and manually aim your gun/tomahawk at the target on the watertower on the saloon's roof. Fire one shot and you should cause the water to spill out.

Buildin' Relationships

"Rebuild the buildings of Colby that were destroyed by the Cavendish Gang."

Talk to the Sheriff outside his place to start this mission, you'll be repairing all of those damaged buildings, it's not difficult all you need to do is walk up to them and press Repair when it appears on the screen.

First up is "Harness, Saddles, Whips & C." at the near end of the street, next is "Tsun Jing Washing & Ironing" just past the saloon and then lastly "Buckley & Welch Stoves & Hardware" up at the end on the left.

Target Practice

"Hit the target on the side of the nearby stable."

A cowgirl outside "Samuel's Livery" should now have this mission for you. Simply head towards the side of the barn and fire a shot at the target there.

Roundin' 'Em Up

"Search for stray mules just outside of Colby and ride them back to the corral."

Talk to the Engineer at the end of the road and then head off to the left for the first mule not too far away. Go up next to it and "Saddle Up", then ride it back to the barn opposite the Engineer. The second mule is behind the saloon, again bring it back to the barn. Number three is found further on behind the buildings towards the railroad. And the last one is on the opposite side of the town behind the "Colby Rooming House".

Completing this mission unlocks "Silver" and "Scout" in your Toy Store.

Mount Up

"Purchase Silver or Scout from the Toy Store."

Now a mission to make you buy one of them. You can either go over to the Play Set piece next to the General Store or you can just just open up your Toy Store menu where you're standing. Either way you press the exact same buttons. Buy either Silver or Scout from the Toy Store, they cost 500 Coins so you should be able to afford them both with the missions you've already completed but I would recommend just buying one for the moment.

Missing Her Man

"Search the hills near the telegraph lines for the woman's lost husband, and escort him back to Colby."

The lady standing outside the bank will give you this mission. Head to the left side of town and up the stepped platforms into the hills. You'll have to get off your horse to get to the top, jump and grab onto the ledge at the end sticking out of the wall. Shimmy to the right around the corner until you get above a platform where the woman's husband is standing.

Go over to him and pick him up, throw him down to the ground and then jump after him. There should be a hitching post on the right where you can summon your horse again, if you can't see it then you can just summon your horse through the Toy Store menu. Pick the man up again and then jump onto your horse, take him back to the woman in town and drop him next to her to complete the mission. This also unlocks the "Black Horse" toy.

Damsel in This Dress

"Help get the woman a new outfit at one of Red's traveling outfitters."

Time to learn this Play Set's people customisation. Pick up the woman and throw her into the curtain at the front of the wagon next to the Sheriffs. Switch her dress to something different and then Exit to finish the mission.

Clearin' the Rails

"Search the train tracks for multiple Cavendish Gang blockades. Detonate the TNT within the blockades to eliminate them."

Return to the Engineer by the station to begin this one. The first blockade is just to the right of the station, either shoot the two gang members standing by it and then hit the TNT barrel in the middle of the pile or just hit the TNT and blow them all up in one go if you're lucky, make sure to stand well back either way! Follow the tracks past the station again and out to the second blockade where you do the same thing again. The last one is just a little further down the tracks.

Trainin' Day

"Purchse the train engine from the Toy Store."

Head back to the Engineer to unlock the "Constitution Engine" in the Toy Store. It costs 1200 Coins so it may be a bit tight if you've bought both horses already, there's just enough side missions and a nearby challenge to earn enough to be able to afford everything that's available (even the items that unlock with those missions too). If not then start smashing crates in the town to get the coins out of them. Completing this mission also unlocks the "Target Package 1" toy.

Keepin' the Peace

A mission that randomly occurs, shoot three members of the Cavendish Gang that are attacking the town to complete it.

Thundering Stallion

"Find and make contact with the Thundering Stallion at night."

Meet with the three Native Americans at their camp south of Colby to get this mission. Hop on your own horse and chase after the shining white horse that you should be able to see running about near the train tracks. All you need to do is bump into it. That'll unlock the "Palomino" toy for you.

Runnin' and Gunnin'

"Hit each of the targets in Colby before time runs out."

Talk to the cowgirl outside the barn again and she'll have this mission for you. Facing down the street towards the Sheriff's go into manual aim mode and walk down the street aiming and firing at the targets to the sides. The last one's on the last building but that shouldn't take too long to reach just walking slowly.

Aimin' to Ride

"Find and hit all of the targets near the Ranch while riding horseback."

This cowgirl mission requires you to be riding a horse, there's a hitching post just next to her to summon one. Head out to the right side of town past the barn and you'll see the targets all lined up, unlike on foot you have to just blindfire at the targets as you cannot manually aim when moving (instead the horse charges), however you can manually aim if your horse is standing still - and since there's no time limit on this one you're free to do that if you want. Don't get off your horse until you're done as that'll cancel the mission and you'll have to go and restart it back at the cowgirl again.

The targets go off through the ranch and back out towards the town again for the last one. This mission unlocks the "Black Pinto" toy.

Ranch Hand

"Go out to the Ranch and take care of the Cavendish Gang members there."

After buying the train the Sheriff will have a new mission for you. The Ranch is out to the righthand side of the town, ride on over there and shoot the four gang members. Shouldn't be too hard to spot them as they've got a red beam of light shooting down into them.

Completing this mission unlocks the "Box Car" toy.

Liberatin' the Tower

"Defeat the members of the Cavendish Gang who have surrounded the water tower near Colby."

The Rancher at the Ranch now has this mission. Just to the west of the station in Colby you'll find a large water tower surrounded by a few gang members. Run on over there and shoot them down to earn yourself a "TNT Pack" toy in the Toy Store.

Rarin' to Go

"Purchase the Water Car from the Toy Store."

After liberating that water tower the Engineer will have a mission that unlocks the "Water Car" toy for you to buy for 500 Coins.

Railroad Switch

"Signal the train to stop by hitting the switch at the train station, then add the water car."

Once you've bought the Water Car you'll need to hit the switch on the station, fire a shot at it to turn the signals red. Then wait for the train to get back around and it'll stop and a blue glowing icon will appear next to the station, go up to it and go into the train customisation menu. "Place Train Cars", then select which position you want to put it and then choose the Water Car to replace the Flatbed Car that's in place by default.

Endin' the Drought

"Transport water by train from the water tower in Colby to the Ranch."

Head back to the water tower and shoot at the target on its side. Once you've done that head back to the station and hit the signal to set the train going again. Then just wait for the train to reach the Ranch for the mission to complete. That unlocks the "Cattle Car" for you.

Patrollin' the Canyon

"Search the nearby canyon for members of the Cavendish Gang who are up to no good."

Do as the Sheriff asks and head west through the gap in the rocks to the canyon. Down at the bottom you'll find a few Cavendish Gang members, watch out for the one with TNT as you shoot the three of them. This rewards the "Dining Car".

Runnin' the Mill

"Hit the Rancher's windmill to get it running again."

Return to the Rancher for this windmill mission. The windmill is just to the north of the ranch on the left side, it's got a target on the side for you to hit.

Chasing Thunder

"Find and make contact with the Thundering Stallion at night."

Those Native Americans have another mission to track down the Thundering Stallion again. Carry on playing the game and wait for night to fall and you'll then be able to find the mysterious horse running about between Colby and the Ranch. Catching up with him unlocks the "Chestnut Horse".

Skirting the Issue

"Help get the woman a new outfit at one of Red's traveling outfitters."

The lady outside the bank wants another change of clothes, pick her up again and throw her into the exact same wagon next to the Sheriff's. Switch her dress again to complete the mission.

Minin' His Business

"Find the Miner in the hills outside of town."

After clearing out the canyon return to the Sherrif. Go east past the ranch and up into the hills over the tracks. The miner is just outside a caved in mine. The "Golden Horse" unlocks.

Seein' Red

"Talk to Red Harrington at her encampment on the other side of the ravine."

The Miner has a mission for you. This mission unlocks the "Bridge to Red's" toy, you'll need to spend the 1500 Coins to complete it. After buying the bridge you'll be able to cross the ravine to the south of Colby and reach Red's which is to the south-west. You can even take the train so long as you make sure the signal is pointing in the correct direction. Approach Red who is standing out front of her building just past the overhead rail bridge.

This unlocks "Target Package 2".

Back for More

"Investiage the reported disturbance in Colby."

Return to Colby.

A Heap 'A Trouble

"Round up the escaped Cavendish Gang prisoners before they get away!"

The prisoners are running north-west away from the town so chase after them, apparently rounding them up means shooting them dead. There's just four of them and they're a lot more interested in running away than shooting back. This unlocks the "Gatling Gun Car".

Trainin' Your Sights

"Load a Gatling gun on to the train and shoot the Gatling gun targets along the track."

You'll need to buy the Gatling Gun Car that you just unlocked to do this mission for the cowgirl. Put a Gatling Gun Car on the train (it's best to have an empty car in front and behind it so you can see further) and hop aboard. You can just about make it to 20 targets hit without unlocking the second section of the track but it does require you to shoot the backwards targets near the bridge next to the Native American camp. This mission is a lot simpler with the bridge bought so go do the mission to unlock that first.

Finishing this mission unlocks the "Gatling Gun Targets" toy.

Shootin' Down the Track

"Load a cannon on to the train and shoot the cannon targets along the track."

After rebuilding the Sheriff's you'll be able to get this mission from the cow girl. Put a Cannon Car on the train and get shooting the targets along the path. You'll definitely need to have unlocked the second section of track to get the 25 targets needed for this mission.

This unlocks the "Cannon Targets" toy.

Aimin' High

"Get to the top of the hills and hit a target that is unreachable from the ground."

Another from the cowgirl, this time it's on foot again. Head up into the hills to the west near where you found that lost husband earlier, climb up the ladder at the end of the platform he was standing on and then head up to the top where the marker is.

Fetchin' Water

"They need water out at the ranch. We'd better get some out there soon."

The Engineer is wanting you to send the ranch even more water. Just go hit that water tower target again and you'll get a notificaiton that you've completed the mission soon after.

Repair and Reform

"Rebuild the Sheriff's office and jail."

The Sheriff is standing outside the saloon, head on over to the jail and press the repair button. Oh look, a "Cannon Car"!

Clearin' the Lines

"Clear the bird's nests from the telegraph lines that lead out of town."

Head back out to the water tower and take a look at the telegraph line next to it, up on top of the pole near the rocks is a birds nest that you have to shoot down. Follow the line up into the hills, climb some ladders to get to the next one and then hit a target on a small wooden board to get closer to the third. Go to the edge of the cliff at the base of the third pole and shoot the fourth one from a distance.

Completing this unlocks the "Combo Gun Car".

Disruptin' the Blast

"Quickly locate the bundles of dynamite that have been left on and around the buildings of Colby before they explode!"

There's a time limit on this Sheriff mission, the first stack is on the awning of the building opposite, a quick shot should "safely" get rid of it but for the rest it'll probably be easier to climb up and step onto to pick them up. Second one is on the jail roof, then there's one on top of the Rooming House next to the bank, climb the drainpipe to get to the roof. Opposite is where the next one is, again climb a chimney pipe on the side to get up there. The last one is on the back of the stables where you delivered the mules before, a simple climb on the lumber shed at the back will get it.

That unlocks "The Jupiter".

Pursuin' the Posse

"Chase the Cavendish Gang on horseback. Stop them from getting away with the stolen silver!"

Quickly ride after the three gang members on your horse, you'll need to shoot them from the horse while charging in order to keep up, stopping to aim will just let them get away from you. The "Brown Pinto" is your reward.

Cattle Drivin'

"Deliver cattle by train from the Ranch to Red's."

Talk to Red. You'll need to make sure you've bought the Cattle Car from the Toy Store and placed it on the train. Shoot the target up by the Ranch station and then make sure the points to the south-west of town are pointed towards Red's (there's very little point in it ever going the other way aside from being a little quicker). After a while the train will get around, pick up the cattle and pass by Red's delivering them.

This all unlocks the "TNT Car" for your train.

Cattle Haul

"Purchase the Cattle Car from the Toy Store."

Approach the Engineer during the Cattle Drivin' mission to get this mission that just wants you to buy the Cattle Car you should have unlocked a while back delivering water to the Ranch.

The Golden Skunk

"Find the Golden Skunk and take it to the animal trainer at the elephant corral."

Talk to the animal trainer at the front of Red's settlement to get this mission. The skunk is found near to the eastern bridge south of the Ranch, approach it and pick it up. Go back to the animal trainer and drop it off next to him to complete the mission.

Seein' Elephants

"Purchase the Elephant from the Toy Store."

A simple follow-up mission that just requires spending 1500 Coins in the Toy Store to buy your newly unlocked "Elephant".

Armadillo Round-Up

"Take an armadillo to the animal trainer at the elephant corral."

That animal trainer has another mission, the armadillo you're looking for is just north of the North American camp and south of the Ranch. Pick it up and bring it back.

Elephant-Back Ridin'

"Return the stolen elephant to the corral near Red's Traveling Entertainments."

After buying the elephant you can do this mission for Red. The gang members are off to the east near the bridge. Shoot the three of them and then jump onto the elephant's back and ride it to Red's. Watch out for another set of enemies on horseback as you go.

Runnin' Robbers

"Chase the Cavendish Gang on horseback. Stop them from getting away with the stolen money!"

Quickly go to the left and shoot the gang before they can even get on their horses. If they do then just give chase on your own. Return to the animal trainer to finish the mission.

Rabbit Round-Up

"Take a rabbit to the animal trainer at the elephant corral."

He's not happy with the armadillo so now wants a rabbit. You'll find one near the water tower to the north-west of Colby. Bring it back to gain completion.

Tramplin' the Camp

"Destroy the Cavendish Gang's temporary camp with help from the elephant."

Red wants you to go trample the tents near where you rescued the elephant from. Go and get on the elephant by the corral (or summon one of your own, it doesn't matter which elephant in particular) and ride it over to the camp to the east. There's five gang members to charge down or shoot (press the primary attack button to get the elephant to do a charge attack) and five tents to walk through.

Checkin' In

"Investigate the explosion that came from the nearby canyon."

Return to the Ranch for this mission. Once you've got it head east to the Miner and save him from the three Cavendish Gang members that are harassing him.

The Thundering Horse

"Find and make contact with the Thundering Stallion at night."

Again those Native Americans want you to track down the Thundering Stallion. Wait for night and then look for the horse to the south just past Red's place. Intercepting him this time unlocks the "Thundering Hooves Pack".

Stolen Goods

"Ask Red if she's seen the necklace that the Cavendish Gang stole from the ranch."

The Rancher has another mission for you now that you've delivered the cattle. Head back to Red's and talk to her.

An Honest Trade

"Find some silver ore and trade it to Red for the Rancher's stolen necklace."

Red wants something in return for returning the stolen goods, head out to the east along the railroad and near the end there's a small building with a pile of silver ore next to it. Step onto the ore to pick some up and take it back to Red. Oddly there's no bit where you return to the Rancher so I guess you just keep it.

Bridgin' the Gap

"Purchase the bridge from the Toy Store."

Now that the cattle have been delivered to Red the Engineer will unlock the "Bridge to Railroad Camp" for you. Buy it to complete the mission.

Cavendish Returns

"Confront Butch Cavendish and his gang in Colby."

The Fortune Teller in Red's camp has a mission for you. Return to Colby and you'll find several members of the gang near the station. Shoot them and... erm... that's it. Nothing really special about it, just get rid of the five gang members in town.

Barrelin' Through

"Deliver TNT by train from Red's to the Ranch."

After building the next bridge you get this mission to deliver TNT from the Engineer. Buy the TNT Car if you haven't already and place it on your train. Go over to Red's and hit the target opposite the station there and as long as the train is going down the path you'll finish the mission soon enough.

Moovin' 'Em In

"Deliver cattle by train from the Ranch to Colby."

The Engineer has another mission for you, hit the target by the cattle at the Ranch and your train, if it still has the Cattle Car, will deliver them for you automatically.

Trompin' Around

"Take the elephant for a ride."

The animal trainer wants you to take his elephant out. Hop on board one and move over to the green arrow to the left near the new bridge. Follow the markers up the hills and down into the Railroad Camp ending at a building at the far end.

Retakin' the Camp

"Chase Butch Cavendish and his no-good gang out of the Railroad Camp."

There's a Foreman in the hills next to the tunnel south of Red's that you pass by on your elephant in the Trompin' Around mission. Go down the steps into the camp and take out all seven of the gang members hiding there. That will unlock the "Lumber Car".

Lumberin' Along

"Deliver lumber by train from the lumber loader to the Railroad Camp."

The Foreman in the Railroad Camp has another mission, it's time to use that newly unlocked Lumber Car, you can switch it in at the station here as well. Hit the target on the building to the east of Red's and south of the Ranch, where the gang keep taking the elephant. Completing this mission unlocks "Target Package 3".

Dynamite Delivery

"Deliver TNT by train from Red's to Colby."

The Engineer wants you to deliver some TNT to Colby. So again make sure your train has a TNT Car equipped and hit the target on the TNT building opposite Red's. In due time the mission will complete.

Way of the Warrior

"Find and make contact with the evasive Silent Warrior."

The elders in the Native American camp have another mission now, this time it's to head south and find the Silent Warrior. You'll find him on the ledges to the north of the Railroad Camp. To get up there you'll need to climb a short ladder, shimmy to the left along a ledge in the wall, climb up and then blow up some dynamite by shooting it. Climb the ladder and then clear out some more dynamite so you can jump over the gap to the Silent Warrior. Appropriately that unlocks the "Silent Warrior Pack".

Chasin' Elephants

"Chase the Cavendish Gang and reclaim the elephant and silver they stole."

Red has another mission, this time it's a timed mission to chase down the Cavendish Gang. Race to the east along the tracks to catch up with them by the same place they took the elephant last time. Kill the three that are defending it and then ride it back to Red's.

Wild Horse Round-Up

"Ride a wild horse to the animal trainer at the elephant corral."

The animal trainer has this mission when you return the elephant. Quickly race north along the tracks and then west down into the canyon where the wild horse is. It's just a regular horse really, race it back to the animal trainer in time to complete the mission.

Rejected Skunk

"Return the golden skunk to its home in the desert."

Apparently not happy with any of the animals you've brought him the animal trainer now wants rid of the Golden Skunk. Pick it up and ride it to the east of Colby near the bridge.

Campin' Out

"Take the Camp Foreman's ammunition to the Gatling gun on the nearby cliff that overlooks the camp."

The Camp Foreman has moved down to the camp now and wants you to ge refill the gatling gun in the hills to the north. You've got to climb up there first though. Head up the ladder at the bottom and then shimmy left along a ledge. Blow up some TNT if you haven't already and climb the ladder behind it. Go up to the right blow up some more TNT and jump over the gap. Hit the target in front of you and jump over to the gatling gun.

Strikin' Camp

"Defend the camp from the Cavendish Gang."

Lucky you're up here still, jump onto the gatling gun and get shooting at the gang below. They'll take quite a few hits with this thing so just keep on shooting at them until all six of them are blasted to smithereens.

Save the Camp

A randomly generated mission where you need to kill three gang members that are attacking the Railroad Camp, just keep looking around if you can't see them all.

Thirstin' for More

"Deliver water by train from Colby to Red's."

Red wants some water, make sure the train has a Water Car, hit the water tower target and then just wait.

Wood If You Could

"They're looking to do some repairs out at the ranch. So they asked us to bring 'em some lumber."

Another delivery mission, this time from the Engineer in Colby. Hit the lumber target and as long as you've got the Lumber Car still active it'll complete for you.

Timber Trail

"Deliver lumber by train from the lumber loader to Colby."

And the Engineer wants some more lumber, this time to Colby (not that it really makes a difference). Hit the lumber target again out to the south of the Ranch.

Lumberin' Away

"Deliver lumber by train from the lumber loader to Red's."

And another lumber delivery. Head on over to the lumber loader and hit that target again.

Helpin' the Herd

"Deliver cattle by train from the Ranch to Red's."

After the lumber Red wants some cattle.

Drinkin' It In

"Transport water by train from the water tower in Colby to the Railroad Camp."

After saving the camp the Foreman wants some water. Hit the target by the water tower to the west of Colby and then wait.

A Bang Up Job

"Deliver TNT by train from Red's to the Railroad Camp."

Another delivery mission to the Railroad Camp, get some TNT for them.

Cattle Call

"Deliver cattle by train from the Ranch to the Railroad Camp."

With the TNT delivered it was inevitable that they'd want some cattle down at the Railroad Camp.

Lumberin' About

"Deliver lumber by train from the lumber loader to the Railroad Camp."

And now he wants lumber. Go do that.

Night Watch

"Defend the Railroad Camp from the attacking Cavendish Gang."

At Red's the Fortune Teller has another mission for you, go back to the Railroad Camp and shoot the five attacking gang members.

Mine Blast

"Load a TNT Car with TNT and deliver it to the entrance of the silver mine to break into the Cavendish Gang's hideout."

The Sheriff is at the Railroad Camp and has this story mission for you. Go over to Red's and hit the TNT target then head over to the east of the Railroad Camp and make sure the signal is pointing at the closed up tunnel. Sit and wait for the train to arrive and blow up the entrance.

Nowhere to Hide

"Use the Cavendish Gang's own Gatling guns and cannons to destroy their hideout at the silver mine."

Follow the train into the silver mine and jump up the ledges on the righthand side where the train stops. Your task is to shoot the gang members that are running about in front of you, use any of the weapons lined up along the ridge there, I prefer the cannon as it seems to do more damage and has a wide spread when it hits so you don't always need to hit them directly and can knock them out from behind cover.

Once the eight are dead the front building will become covered with gatling gun targets, ignore the enemies running around and just shoot those five targets with a gatling gun. It'll then bring up a large cannon target on the front for you to hit. Wipe out the men now as they won't reappear once the building's gone.

Once they're all dead the remaining buildings will all get covered in gatling gun targets. Shoot them and then the cannon targets that appear to blow the buildings up. Don't wait too long between shooting the gatling gun targets and the cannon one as the gatling gun ones will reappear after a little bit if you haven't blown the building up.

With all of the buildings destroyed take out a few more of the enemies running around before hitting one last cannon target up on the tracks to finish the Play Set's main storyline.

Your reward is the "Thundering Stallion" toy.

Helpin' a Stranger

"Check in with the Rancher's friend at the Silver Mine."

The Rancher wants you to go back to the Silver Mine, there's a path down near where the Miner is between him and the bridge. On the curve you'll find a trio of gang members to defeat and then behind the building the Rancher's friends.

Minin' for Silver

"Fly to the secret cavern and collect the hidden silver."

The Foreman wants you to go find some silver for him, you can get most of it normally but one piece will require you to have the "Crow Wing Pack", if you don't have it yet then find the five Crow Shrines to unlock it. Head down to the Silver Mine and up onto the ledge below the cannons and gatling guns of the final mission. Instead go straight on and blow up the TNT blocking your path. Head up the slope and the ledge before blowing up some more TNT and getting to a ledge you can shimmy to the right on. Jump right at the end to land on the platform instead of falling down.

Go down the wooden stepped platforms to a ledge, jump right across the little gap and then up onto the top. On the floor in front of you is the first piece. Go right and drop down a little before going down some more stepped wooden platforms along the edge. Hit the target to move the cart so you can climb up to where it was. Head into the cave ahead of you and go left, there'll be a few enemies in here along with a pile of silver against the far wall.

Follow the tracks to the right over the train tracks and then off to the left onto a little ledge where there's a third piece of silver. Jump back up and continue along the tracks into the tunnel. Now you're back out by the cannons again. Jump up to where they are and head up the steps to get the fourth piece directly ahead. The last piece is on a ledge above that will actually require the

Dry Spell

"Deliver water by train from Colby to each drop-off station."

Not happy with all the deliveries we've already done the Fortune Teller at Red's wants water to be delivered to each stop. That's Red's, the Railroad Camp, the Ranch, and even Colby itself for some reason. Four waters.

And that's the end of the delivery missions.

Save the Bank

Another random mission where three gang members are attacking something. This time it's the Bank, kill the three to win.