Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean Challenges

Each Play Set has a series of challenges dotted around the map for you to complete, here are the locations of the challenges in the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set.

Bucaneer Bay Ballyhoo

Next to the broken clock tower in Buccaneer Bay.

Brawl at the Bay

By the rubble next to the broken bridge in Buccaneer Bay.

Buccaneer Break

Up on the front wall of Buccaneer Bay, smash through some rubble with a bomb to get to it.

Pantano Bayou Dash

Above the dock after Tia Dalma's.

Shootin' up the Swamp

At the dock after Tia Dalma's.

Gatherin' Grande

Directly ahead from the docks in Fort St. Grande.

Rally on the Fort

Up by the tower in Fort St. Grande.

Clear out Dead Man's Cove

Just off the docks of Dead Man's Cove.

Pitching With Power

On the dinghy docks opposite the first one in Dead Man's Cove.

Cove Collect

In Maccus's room at the end of Dead Man's Cove. Jack Sparrow.

Scurry on the Shipwreck

Near the dock on Shipwreck Shoal.