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One of the three starter Play Sets, Monsters University takes place in the very same university that is the setting for the recent prequel movie.

 In a story that is different to the actual movie you will be taking on a rival school, Fear Tech, that's having their Scare Week at the same time as Monsters University. The main focus of this Play Set is the scaring and the pranks.

You can customise the campus to rig up lots of different pranks that are activated automatically on passers-by or ones you scare into the way. You're not only attacking Fear Tech but defending against pranks they pull on your campus.

During the night when you're out at Fear Tech there is a stealth mechanic where you will need to sneak around to avoid the security guards that are wandering around to prevent them from apprehending you while you pull pranks.

The three playable characters are:




They were all available at launch, with Sulley in the Starter Pack.