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Skill Tree Calculator

A skill tree calculator to help you plan out your characters' skills with ease. For characters from 3.0 Edition check out the new 3.0 Skill Tree Calculator.

AvengersSpider-ManGuardians of the GalaxyToy Box 2.0The IncrediblesMonsters UniversityPirates of the CaribbeanCarsLone RangerToy Story In SpaceToy Box 1.0
Captain America Black Widow Falcon Hawkeye Hulk Loki Iron Man Thor
Iron Fist Green Goblin Nick Fury Nova Spider-Man Venom
Drax Gamora Groot Rocket Raccoon Ronan Star-Lord Yondu
Aladdin Baymax Donald Duck Hiro Jasmine Maleficent Merida Quorra Sam Flynn Stitch Tinker Bell
Dash Mr. Incredible Mrs. Incredible Syndrome Violet
Mike Randy Sulley
Davy Jones Hector Barbossa Jack Sparrow
Francesco Bernoulli Holley Shiftwell Lightning McQueen Mater
Lone Ranger Tonto
Buzz Lightyear Jessie Woody
Agent P Anna Elsa Jack Skellington Phineas Rapunzel Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey Vanellope Wreck-It Ralph

To switch character simply click the character icon in the centre of the grid and then again on the character you'd like to switch to.

You can save your skill tree layout by clicking the "Generate URL" button beneath the grid and copying the URL that it generates.