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The Royal Empire

10/10/2013 8:39 PMdark52

The five new winning Toy Boxes from the Royal Empire challenge have been released and the next challenge announced, your challenge this week will be to build a spooky Halloween themed Toy Box.

Wonderland by Princess Blinks recreates Wonderland in the Toy Box.
Giant Castle by Steve W has a giant castle with a few traps inside.
Castle Course by Infinite Mickey is an underground obstacle course with a castle plopped on top.
Disney Kingdom by Charlie A has a far off castle which you must reach.
GOOD vs EVIL by Lachlan1075 features two castles facing off against one another.

And a reminder that some more of the new Toys R Us exclusives are out this weekend. You'll be able to find the Infinite Crystal Sulley toy as well as the Infinite Crystal Mr. Incredible and another of their exclusive Power Discs (although it should be noted that the Power Disc is "Emperor Zurg's Wrath" which is included in the Race to Space exclusive double pack that will be released next month, that pack also contains Crystal Lightning McQueen, Crystal Buzz Lightyear and another Power Disc "C.H.R.O.M.E. Damage Increaser").