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Double Depp

03/07/2013 12:57 AMdark52

The amusing coincidence has not been lost on the Disney Infinity team as Yahoo posts a short video showing Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Tonto (Johnny Depp) facing off, the trailer will apparently be played right before screenings of The Lone Ranger which is being released this week.

And in new rumours news, Stitch Kingdom have posted a photograph of a mock-up display for Disney Infinity, at the top of the photo you can see a lineup of characters very similar to an unfinished piece of artwork that was released back when the game was announced. It contains a few potential playable characters not referenced to since that time, namely Victor Frankenstein and Sparky from Frankenweenie as well as a few backing characters that are more like to just be NPCs. What is most interesting is an addition to the lineup, instead of The Underminer from The Incredibles you have two characters from the recent Disney movie Oz the Great and Powerful.