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Disney Infinity Prepares for E3

10/06/2013 3:52 PMdark52

With E3 2013 starting up tomorrow the official Youtube channel for Disney Infinity has posted their E3 trailer.

It shows off a wide array of the varied types of gameplay that you'll be able to take part in and create once the game is released in August, just a couple of months away now.

As for their actual E3 presence they have set up their booth along with things like a life-sized version of the Infinity Base and a Monster Truck Cinderella Coach as well as "toy vending machines that will let guests grab an Infinity character pre-release!". It certainly looks like they're going all out to promote the game.

The Youtube channel has also posted a couple more videos for the two The Lone Ranger characters since the last news post:

The Lone Ranger