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Welcome to Infinity Guru

26/02/2013 1:58 PMdark52

Hello and welcome to this brand new fan site for the upcoming video-game Disney Infinity. Here at Infinity Guru we'll be bringing you all the latest news and updates on the game as it builds up towards release later this year, and, once the game is out, we'll continue to bring news of all the new Toys and Play Sets as well as be providing guides to the game itself and, provided it is even possible, a way to share your custom level creations.

For now we'll be getting up to speed on what has been announced since the reveal last month.

You might know me from darkSpyro, since 2004 I have been posting news and coverage of the Spyro the Dragon series of video games and, more recently, the Skylanders series that evolved from it. I hope to be building a similar sort of website and sense of community atmosphere here, but of course the game's not even out yet so only time will tell.

To help keep up with the site you can follow Infinity Guru on Facebook, Twitter and even Youtube. The joys of social networking eh?